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August 19, 2009


Residents of Carchi are having difficulty locating gasoline for their vehicles. They are blaming the illegal transport and sale of gasoline primarily to Ipiales, Colombia. Last week it primarily affected local public transport buses but, now residents are finding that the gas stations in Carchi are running out of gasoline. Lines are developing early in the mornings and many of the people waiting for gasoline are filling up containers and then selling the gas in Colombia. There is a brisk business in contraband items which find a market in Colombia Ecuador’s cheap prices on many items and attempts to avoid duties. There are over a thousand businesses on both sides of the border that specialize in contraband. Many of the residents make their living from contraband and work as informants to the businesses. There are at least 35 passages in the area used for contraband. The primary routes being by the Carchi, Tufino, and Urbina rivers. All travelers should be on alert in the Tulcan area. (TRAVEL SAFETY ECUADOR)


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