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August 22, 2009


The traffic police in Guayaquil are now armed with a handheld computer and printer. Beginning in May of 2009, 205 Motorola units began their transition into fighting traffic violators. These new digital tools will permit officer to issue citations via computer and a portable printer. At a cost of about $4500 per unit, police will be able to access driving records, automobile registration information, and whether or not warrants are active.  

In the past there has been much confusion in the Court systems as manual tickets were often manipulated for citations that were not committed. Guayaquil traffic police are notorious for corruption practices when it comes to issuing citations. Also, this new practice may result in lower numbers of bribes either asked for or offered by drivers or pedestrians. Traffic officers are often referred to as “vultures”(buitres), who are often standing around waiting for their prey. There have been over 1400 citations written since the end of May. Another 200 uits are planned for operation in 2010. Here is an interesting blog about a foreigner's experience with traffic police in Ecuador. /



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