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August 22, 2009


Police apprehended two men in possession of thousand dollars of counterfit bank notes (U.S. dollars) at a mall in Guayaquil. The investigation revealed that they earned about $10,000 dollars for every million dollars they distributed.

Counterfeiting remains a constant problem in Ecuador. Be vigilant when accepting change and try never to take a fifty or one hundred dollar bill. They are often suspect as being counterfeit and are very difficult if not impossible to exchange. There is a phrase in Ecuador that says "A man in Ecuador with a one hundred dollar bill is like a man with no money". Also, don't be offended if cashiers or others you have paid with dollars inspect them to determine their validity. When going to Ecuador try to take as many small denominations as possible and make sure the bills are as clean as possible with as few or no tears. Almost no one ever has enough change in Ecuador. (TRAVEL SAFETY ECUADOR)

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