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August 25, 2009


The National Police have prepared a new proposal for motorcyclists in an attempt to halt some crimes in an article prepared by Univision. . Adopting a similar program in Colombia, the police believe that all motorcyclists should be required to wear jackets with a reflective identification patch on their backs with the license number of the motorcycle. Motorcycles are seen as the preferred mode of transportation by assassins and some criminals in terms of getting away from a crime scene without detection. Police recommended that if a citizen notices someone without the jacket or identification to phone the police right away. 

Analysis: We believe this would have minimal impact on hired assassins or criminals in that it would be very easy for them to use another license plate and or counterfeit reflective identification to evade detection. Assassinations are also quite prevalent in Guatemala. They don't permit two people on a motorcycle at one time since the assassin is usually the  passenger who commits the killing. Also, we are not sure how many people in Ecuador would inform police or how fast they would respond, if at all, to telephone calls. (TRAVEL SAFETY ECUADOR)

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