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January 04, 2010


GUAYAQUIL - On Monday, six assailants made a daring robbery at 18:30 hours against two guards transferring money from the Banco de Guayaquil for transport located at MALECON 2000. The well planned caper involved six  individuals comprised of Ecuadorians and Peruvians who rousted the two guards. There were shots fired and the band of delinquents made a get away via a motorboat on the Guayas River. Officials claimed the method they used indicated knowledge of tides of the river. Three of the suspects have been apprehended. One report indicated a member of the group was dressed in clothes used by the group "Emos".

The Malecon 2000 is a major tourist attraction in Guayaquil and was a major reconstruction project. It was reported that this robbery is the first type of incident in the the years the project has existed.

Ecuadorians have taken great pride in this project and it has been considered safe for the most part due to the number of security personnel present. However, this anaylst has noticed over the last several years that security does not appear to be as strong as in years past in terms of numbers guards present. Clearly, crimes are becoming more brazen and risks the safety and security of the public. This crime took place near the McDonalds located on the Malecon 2000.




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