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November 12, 2009


While the reporting of these murders don't involve tourism, it is important that visitors or foreign residents in Ecuador realize that the violence situation is escalating and violent crimes are a part of the fabric of life in Ecuador. Reports increasingly state that minors are often found in possession of firearms when arrested and this is in a country where they are not currently permitted. We believe there is a good chance that foreigners will become an increasing popular target for the criminal element. You are viewed no matter how you dress as being wealthy or at minimum having access to money through family.

On November 10, 2009, attorney Marcelo Naboa, was getting into his vehicle when two young persons intercepted him One of them shot Mr. Noboa in the head, and later died. This murder happened in Tulcán located in Carchi and may have been a pay for murder crime. The two assailants escaped while it happened during a blackout. However, police did take two suspects into custody.

Also yesterday in Valle de Tumbaco, a doctor was murdered by gunpoint when he tried to defend his wife who had just arrived at their residence. She was being attacked by five masked individuals. It is not known if this was a staged to be a robbery or planned kidnapping. No suspects are in custody.











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