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October 05, 2009

U.S. Student murdered in Ambato, Ecuador

Gloria Daniela Lopez, age 26, was murdered in Ambato, Ecuador on July 9, 2009. Media reports indicate Ms. Lopez was originally born in Ecuador, raised in the United States, and was a U.S. citizen. Her nude corpse was discovered in a park with numerous stab wounds.  Her mother reported that the Ecuadorian police and the U.S. embassy have been of little help and that her body remains in a morgue in Ambato and that she must pay to have her daughter repatriated to the United States. There is some indication that Ms. Lopez was being stalked and evidence was seen being taken by the police from the scene has not been acknowledged. Allegedly she was abducted from her cousins residence. 

The victim's mother reported to media outlets that the Ecuadorian authorities have told her that she would have to hire an attorney and conduct her own investigation including the costs of DNA tests. Ms. Lopez was scheduled to return to the United States to finish her senior year at Cal State. 



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