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Feburary 06, 2008

Fourteen Carayá monkeys have been found dead of unconfirmed reasons in the Piñalito Reserve in San Pedro. Health officials are trying to determine the cause of death which may take up to thirty days. However, measures are being taken to innoculate residents of the area against yellow fever in the event the monkeys died of the illness. Health officials have also sent 10,000 doses of Yellow Fever vaccine to Puerto Iguazu, where the international bridge crosses over to Brazil. This is near Iguazu Falls and efforts are being made to make sure residents and tourists are vaccinated. An innoculation station has been established at the entrance to the bridge.

January 29, 2008

Over 110 people were involved in automotive accidents along with ten killed on Monday throughout Argentina. The month has been deadly so far with 115 killed, which is the most popular vacation season in this South American country. Rain was a contibutory factor in some of the accidents which involved a number of buses. CNN

A Romanian mountain climber died on Sunday of an apparent heart attack on his descent from Aconcagua at 6,961 meters.

The province of Salta has been declared a state of emergency after rains caused severe flooding. Some towns have been isolated and 15,000 people were evacuated.

January 14, 2008

Vacation is in full swing in Argentina. Buses and airlines are jammed packed and hotels in popular tourist destinations are near occupancy. The first 15 days of January have broken previous records from 2007. Beaches are also full, with highest density on Saturday and Sunday.

January 13, 2008

Flights for Aereolineas Argentina have been suspended or delayed since Thursday at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires. Thousands of passengers have been stranded. There is a current labor dispute and normalcy of flights have not been attained as of Sunday January 13, 2008. There has been damage done to ticket counters and windows by upset passengers.

January 8, 2008

Argentina recently changed to daylight savings time in an effort to conserve energy costs. However, blackouts continue to be a problem in various sectors of Buenos Aires and in different provinces. Power cuts in Chaco province left 1/2 million people without power. Water shortages are also a recent issue in B.A., which have prompted street protests. There have been shortages of diesel fuel. Also, shortages of natural gas may be present in 2008 as reports have surmised that Bolivia who supplies the commodity to Argentina may have difficulty meeting it's contracts.

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