Latin America Culture Cues



- Dates are often written as day, date and year. March 23, 1966, would be written 23.3.1996

- Most people in Latin America will have two surnames. The first being the person's father's name and then his mother's last name. Jose Luis Guzman Chattin (Guzman - father's last name) (Chattin mother's last name). In most cases you would refer to this individual as Jose Luis Guzman. When a woman marries, she usually takes the husband's surname (father's) and ads a (de) (of) in front of her husband's last name.

- Many parts of Latin America will not have hot water for bathing (usually lower budget hotels and middle to lower class residences).

- Because of poor water pressure or lack of water supplies in many parts of Latin America, it is common that toilet paper is disposed of in the trash can in the bathroom and not flushed. The only way to know is to be observant. Most upper range hotels and homes have sufficient pressure for flushing paper.