January 24, 2008 - During a recent visit to the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort near Cancun, Canadian Jules Lapalme found himself in an unfortunate predicament of being falsely accused of a crime. Mr. Lapalme was approached by a manager of the hotel just before returning to his room and was told there was a serious problem in that he had been accused of sexually abusing an employee. The manager told Lapalme he would have to sign a paper admitting his guilt to make the situation go away. Lapalme refused and was taken into custody by police. His wife then contacted the hotel manager the next day who made some phone calls. They went to the police and he was released after paying $160.00, with no charges being filed. The manager forced Lapalme to sign a letter releasing the hotel from any liability. Mr. Lapalme stated in an article in the Sudbury Star that he thinks that wearing expensive jewelry may have made him a target. Since 2000 there have been 13 Canadians murdered in Mexico. Source: The Sudbury Star   

December 28, 2007 - The increased number of illegal aliens being deported at Tijuana is having an increase in the petty crime rate in Tijuana. A number of the deportees with criminal records in the U.S. often have spent much of their life in the U.S. Therefore, they have very few ties to Mexico. Many of them form small gangs that commit crimes in order to obtain enough money to return to the U.S. They are also known to join existing gangs in Tijuana. Also, when the detainees are dropped off in Mexico the Mexican authorities have no idea as to what crimes they committed in the U.S.  

December 26, 2007 - A 24 year-old Israeli woman has been missing from Tulum, Mexico since March 26, 2007. She was last seen with an American Man who has not been questioned by authorities. Journalist Sylvia Cherem ran an extensive piece in the Mexican press on the disappearance and criticized the police work in the case. She surmised that the police were more interested in protecting the tourism business in Cancun. The family suspects the American who last was with her as to having knowledge as to what happened to her. Reports indicate he had a prior sexual assault conviction in the United States. The missing woman did not know the American prior to her trip.

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