Culture Cues for Gift Giving in Singapore

  • Color is important regarding gifts. For Indians, red, yellow, green are considered colors of happiness. Black and white should be avoided.
  • If you give money - odd numbers of currency are preferred. This is considered to bring good luck.
  • Don't give frangipanni flowers which may fool you. They look like bridal bouquets and  in Hawaii are often made to make leis. In Singapore they are used for funerals.
  • When giving a gift use your right hand.
  • Centrepoint - A very popular shopping mall on Orchard Road.
  • Singaporeans will not open a gift in front of the giver. If you give a gift to someone at their home - they will often set it aside until you have departed. If you are provided a gift don't open it in front of your host or friend. This may have the appearance of greed.  

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