Sushi Portland Oregon


24 N.W. Broadway, Portland, Oregon 503-224-3417. 

In February 2007, I visited Portland, Oregon for the first time to visit my son at the University of Portland. What an incredible and vibrant city compared to the dry and hot desert of Phoenix. There were no Circle K's or Subways on every corner. Portland oozes with personality and I was there for only one day and headed downtown just to walk and look.

On a late Saturday afternoon walking on Broadway I noticed a huge crowd of all ages standing outside a small storefront. It was about 5 o'clock and all of a sudden I saw a mad rush of  humanity enter this storefront and I thought it might be a soup kitchen or a dollar store. Closer inspection revealed that the impish locale was a sushi restaurant. I have never seen anything like it except maybe at an opening for a Krispi Kreme doughnut store. 

This was no opening. I had to go see what the commotion was about. A blonde pierced hostess was ushering all the people in as they were grabbing the few seats available around a large kitchen area surrounded by a booth with a train. The children seemed to be thrilled with this. The hostess announced the train was out of order and all of a sudden you could hear the train as it was warming  up to deliver sushi to the patrons. 

I had to leave for an engagement. However, if  the numbers and enthusiasm  are an indication, this is a place not to be missed in Portland.  


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