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Top Ten Places to Visit Quito Ecuador

1. Plaza de la Independencia - This plaza is a real jewel sitting in the middle of  the Andes. Just standing there will evoke thoughts of the Spanish battling the Indians who lived here long before the Spanish arrived. The Plaza is surrounded by four incredible buildings that comprise of Government Palace, the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace.   

2. El Sagrario - Located next to the Cathedral, it was originally constructed for the cult of the Holy Sacrament. It is highly ornamented in Baroque style and is open from 13:00 until 16:00. Admission is free.

Iglesia el Sagrario en Quito Ecuador




3. San Francisco Church and Plaza - This is the oldest Church in Quito, built between 1536-1580. It is known as San Francisco de Quito and is a huge complex with over 8,670 acres. It has a combination of architectural styles from Baroque on the interior to a Moorish ornamated ceiling in the narthex. The location was a huge Indian market in Pre-Columbian times. The Church is located between Cucre and Bolivar Streets. Open most of the week including Sundays. Admission is free.     

Fachada de la iglesia de San Francisco en Quito Pichincha Ecuador




4. Centro Cultural Metropolitano - Next to the Government's Palace sits this historical building originally constructed by Jesuits in the 17th Century. A great effort was made in this building for independence on August 2, 1810, which ended in a massacre. There is a museum dedicated to the massacre named Alberto Mena Caauano Museum. The Cultural Center is also made up of a museum dedicated to Colonial art. Closed on Mondays. Fee $1.50 and fifty-cents for children.    

5. El Panecillo - Watching over Quito is the "Virgin of Quito" and was prominently displayed in the ending of the movie "Proof of Life". The Virgin is constructed of over 7,000 pieces of aluminum.    

6. Quito Botanical Garden - One of the most wonderful aspects of Ecuador are the number of beautiful plants. You will find 1,200 varieties of orchids along with a number of other unusual plants. Open T-Sun from 09:00 to 17:00. M- 09:00 to 12:30.

7. Terefico - A fairly new attraction in Quito, small cable car (seats six)(18 cars) will whisk you up part of the 15,000 foot   Pichincha volcano. Very popular with Ecuadorians and tourists. Oxygen is available at the top if you become short of breath. 

8. Mitad del Mundo - Just twenty-minutes from Quito is the touristy Mitad del Mundo which is a monument at the center of the planet where the equator is located. Small entrance fee. 

9. Guayasamin Museum - La Capilla del Hombre - One of Ecuador's most popular artists, Guayasamin was also an avid collector of Ecuadorian art. He envisioned a place to house his collection but did not finish it before his death. 

10. San Diego Convent - Designed as a retreatfor priests and laymen. A tranquil environment laced with paintings along the corridorss from the 17th Century. Admission is $2.00. 


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