Top Ten Places to Visit Tuscany Italy

1. Duomo Group, Florence Italy - For some of the most amazing views of Florence, the cathederal provides two lookouts at Giottos' lithe and the belltower. The dome is a remarkable engineering feat  where th crossing was constructed as a double shell in 1420. 

2. San Gimignano, Tuscany - This is a magical ancient town in Tuscany comprised of at fourteen towers and numerous churches abound with romance and a large collection of 14th and 15th century art. While many of the tourists leave town on the buses at about 5:00, this wanderlust village is worthy of a night's stay. Best view- The 175 foot Torre Grossa which is the tallest tower in San Gimignano.  

3. Uffizi, Florence -  Once the former offices of the ruling family Medici, this is a virtual location for seeing all that is Renaissance. Designed by Giorgio Vasari there are over 1,700 pieces. Allow sufficient time to enjoy these masterpieces. More information and tickets available through -

4. Chianti, Tuscany - Another magical town located between Florence and Siena. A very popular tourist destination of rolling hills, vineyards and markets. Wanting to escape the tourist route? Visit Coltibuono and Passignano

5. Volpaia, Tuscany - A small 13th century village with a magnificent tower. Tours and winetasting.

Volpaia, Tuscany, Italy

6. Lucca, Tuscany - Looking for Romanesque facades? This is the place to visit  However, opera is Lucca's message to the world. Residents are also famed for their love of biking. More information at: /

7. Cortona, Tuscany - A beautiful medival town full of art and beautiful art. 

8. Pitti Palace, Florence -  The former residence of the Medici family, it is clearly were you want to be if you love art and beautiful gardens. The Boboli gardens are not to be missed full of fountains and cypress. 

9. Siena's Campo and Palazzo Pubblico  - An outstanding public square which would be an excellent location for a spy movie. Original construction began in 1100. There is a Palio horse racing twice a year. Origins of these races date from the Middle Ages.

10. Voltera, Tuscany - A medieval village that sits 1, 820 feet above the valley beow. There has been erosion at one end of this village which is exposing ancient tombs.

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