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Last week a Lithuanian national was detained at the airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador for attempting to transport 4,330 grams of cocaine which was in a suitcase. The suspect stated to authorities that he was a victim of a scam and had been requested to transport some items to a person's family.

Absolutely, anyone who is asked to transport items for another should decline the request. Ecuador appears to have done a  good job at the Guayaquil airport of slowing down the transportation of illegal drugs. The modus operandi is that your bags go through one screening process when you check in. However, you must go through another checkpoint once you have entered the secure terminal. Then when boarding your plane there is another check of carryon luggage which may be the entire group of passengers or done randomly. If your luggage which has been checked in is suspected of illegal items, you will be requested to report to the airlines counter at the boarding gate. You will be accompanied by an airport representative to the baggage area where authorities may ask and search search your luggage.

Transporting items for others is a very risky activity. It is recommended not to take letters for others to mail once you are out of the country. Also, remember if you are living in Ecuador that taking checks, money, or financial instruments out of the country without paying the two percent tax is illegal.  

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