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TAXI PROBLEMS QUITO - February 02-2010

There are 8,778 taxis in Quito, Ecuador. However, a recent phenomenon has developed which has made it difficult for customers to find a willing driver in the northern section of the city if you are going to the center or southern sections of the city. Be prepared to wait. Taxi drivers are increasingly unwilling to take a fare from the north to those two areas of the city because of the onslaught of motorists during rush hour. It is common now for a driver to ask you where you are going before he lets you in the cab. Many drivers are turning down customers to those sections. The traffic problems have contributed to taxi drivers focusing on only working in the northern section of Quito. Drivers report if they take a fare it often takes them 1-2 hours to return and that the fare is not enough to offset the time they have spent returning to the north.

Analysis: This situation could influence the number of customers using pirate taxis which could provide criminals an opportunity to conduct express kidnappings. We advise never to use a pirate taxi. Also, never take the front seat or get in the back of a taxi if there is a passenger in the front seat.  




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