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January 02, 2008 -

An average of 21 deaths a day were reported involving violence and automobile accidents in Caracas during December of 2007. (670 total)

December 26, 2007 -

Today an earthquake registering 5.0 shook the central region of Venezuela. The epicenter was 200 km from Caracas. No deaths or damages were reported.


Caracas has suffered a large outbreak of food borne Chagas' disease. The breakout occurred at the Andres Bello Municipal School in Chacao which is located in Caracas. A national sanitary alert has been declared. Anyone who has a fever lasting more than five days along with other symptoms such as muscle pain, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes or facial edema needs to be seen immediately by a medical clinic to rule out infection.

Of 937 people who have been tested so far, 99 have been infected. 80 of the victims have acute Chagas'. One child died before infection had been discovered. Cases may often be acute in children. They are under a regimen of medication to help stave off the disease.

Food transmission is very rare and it is believed by officials that the contamination of juice prepared for the school may have been infected traitomine bugs which may have been introduced to the fruits while preparation  of the juice was done. There are some people who have not been tested as their whereabouts is unknown. If you have no knowledge of Chagas' be sure to read the article below. 

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